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You've heard of these constellations already

Where constellations come from

What if Manhattan itself decided to take vacation? Stopping at other cities to refuel and have a good time. Cartographer Bill Rankin experiments in these fun maps.

Weekly Map: Manhattan Takes a Vacation to Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles

Furoshiki Japanese Fabric 'Tanabata Star Festival Decorations' Motif Cotton 50cm | eBay

Furoshiki Japanese Fabric Cloth 'Tanabata Star Festival Decorations' Cotton 50cm

Small Size Cotton 'Tanabata Star Festival Decorations' Furoshiki Japanese Fabric Light Blue w/Free Insured Shipping

No intelligence, no power, no wealth or strength can help someone without diligence – he is like a boatman whose boat has everything but oars.

(4) いつか役に立ちそうな画像(@yakudachi_img)さん | Twitter

(4) いつか役に立ちそうな画像(@yakudachi_img)さん | Twitter

Constellations by Brendan Kearney. Illustration

Brendan Kearney - Illustration and design // White chalk on dark paper - students learn about constellations and create their own. maybe pierce small holes where the stars are?

Greetings and daily routines in Spanish. Learning Spanish – Videos for Kids and Children | Rockalingua

Rockalingua’s selection of musical Spanish videos for children not only expand vocabulary, but are also fun and make learning Spanish easy for kids too.


Quirky Cute Drawing Sketch Clothes · Fashion · Inspiration for Illustration + Art + Graphic Design Projects

二十世纪,所发现秦、汉、魏、晋简牍综述 - 喜上眉梢 - .

二十世纪,所发现秦、汉、魏、晋简牍综述 - 喜上眉梢 - .

La Terra fa 200 milions d'anys (imatge)

Mollewide [Oval-Globe] Plate Tectonic Map of the Earth from the Early Jurassic Ma]

The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd with Cygnus in the background

The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd with Cygnus in the background