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stunning Suga in all-black

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easy for cypher 1-4 SugaSlutSociety Mine BTS as

Suga eating /// BTS /// that look tho /// (♡●♡) xx 😱😱😍😍

A cada dia me apaixono mais e mais por esse homem

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Fuck me

Fuck me - omfg

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Why do I love it so much when he makes that face😄


When you look at his back, you could see a sign saying tonkatsu. then I suddenly think of yoongi on ice.

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Khi ăn tối cùng nhau, Yoongi không chỉ tập trung ăn uống mà sẽ dịu dàng quan tâm hỏi bạn về công việc của ngày hôm nay.

"be with someone who would travel five hours just to see you for one"… Fanfiction

#슈가 #SUGA #민윤기 I feel like bts on da plane is a lot of fun

Bare faced yoongi is so cutee

"Antik Mısırda ataların, atalarıma tapıyordu. Şimdi patilerimin önünd… #kısahikaye # Kısa Hikaye # amreading # books # wattpad

paws of love »yoonkook ✓

Imagem de gif, bangtan boys, and jimin

suga, minyoongi GIF

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suga, minyoongi GIF so cute

don't fall away

"I'm tired of cuddling a teddy bear.

Suga Min Yoongi BTS

kpop reactions [pl]

who's in the background? << the dude sleeping is Jungkook I think

Yüce Yoonkook'a dair her şey. #kurguolmayan #Kurgu Olmayan #amreading #books #wattpad

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Yoongs /// BTS /// This baby be tired.