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astralprojectionexp:  Very graphic..  For beginners, read this:

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Awakening Secrets Behind Numerology - The main master numbers we encounter on our journey. Each Number is a subconscious trigger helping us unlock our long term memory.

What are Binaural Beats? Tones produced specifically for the purpose of altering your brainwave frequencies.  The posts in the link also contains an exclusive free binaural beats sample of a pure alpha wave.  Re-pin this and subscribe to my blog.

A guide to binaural beats. Everything you need to know about one of the main types of brainwave entrainment. Features an infographic and a free sample Alpha wave.

°Chakras: Infinite Energy Centers... repinned by

°Chakras: Infinite Energy Centers - mankind is being held down in the lowest of these chakras - work on your foundation if you want to rise

kundalini - Buscar con Google

In this Kundalini Yoga video experienced yoga instructor demonstrates several kriyas that are also suitable for beginners. Enjoy the benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

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Chairs cleansing

There are many methods to help us balance the pranic energy that flows within each and every one of us. Here are the mudras (hand gestures) and mantras (sounds), as well as the method for cleansing and balancing each of the seven chakras.

7 Herbal Chakra Healing Teas by Earth Energy Healings

Herbal Chakra Teas to Heal the 7 Chakras. Intuitively handcrafted and organic herbal healing teas for the chakra system.

Besides the 7 primary chakra energy system there exists an extended chakra system, which is just now coming into humanity’s awareness. Description from I searched for this on

Advanced Spiritual 12 Chakra System

Check out this simple guide to the 12 Chakra System:  #chakra #awareness #mindfulness

12 Chakras

There are most than 7 chakras for those who are ascending. Understand the 12 chakra system, which is actually 13 chakras, by clicking here!