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Use the bottom of a 2 liter soda bottle to make flower shaped ice for a punch bowl. It could also be a Lily pad to go in a punch bowl for a frog themed baby shower

I really want to try the watermelon one but I think I might make a fool of myself. . .

Life Hacks - I have a few of these but the flip flop one is new (such a simple idea), & I want to try the watermelon one more than anything.

Life hacks

20 Genius Life Hacks To Simplify Your Everyday Tasks And Make Your Life Easier. I am going to try the grilled cheese hack

LOL!! 5 life hacks

5 life hacks

Love the zoo one!the only one I care about here is the Zoo one. Who wants to get a zookeeper costume with me and have the best day of your life?

I'm learning German!

Duolingo is the best free language learning program Ive used! You can learn languages other than the ones listed, since many more have been added.