Digital Illustrations by Liam Peters

These superb illustrations were created by Liam Peters a digital fantasy artist originally from Australia now living in the U.

Digital Art by Laurel Austin

Laurel Austin ldaustin illustrations fantasy games Blizzard Diablo Starcraft World of Warcraft conceptual artist


Photo Manipulation by Ana Fagarazzi

Beautiful little creature illustrations from Mark Facey

Twitchy Vukka Art Print by Mark Facey

Infamous 2 #Creature Concept by Jerad S Marantz. Artist website:

Plant Golem for the game Infamous 2 by Jerad S Marantz


Sundry creature designs for the cancelled Project Copernicus

По жести / Арт и Музыка

the bay - Naomi Chen - portfolio

(one of my "Goodnight" post on Facebook ~P.H).....Illustrator: Brian Taylor - Candykiller News

Love the art style!

ArtStation - Evolve Wild-life, Stephen Oakley

Initial Concepts for Reaver. Evolve is © Games Reaver-Concept

-- Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2015

-- Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2015