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Haitian Patties Recipe

Haitian Patties

These delicacies are a combination of crunch and good buttery, flaky dough. Beef filling can be replaced with chicken, codfish(morue), smoked herring or any other filling of your liking.

Haitian Beignets (Beignets de Carnaval):

Haitian Beignets (Beignets de Carnaval)

These Beignets remind me of Carnaval (Mardi-Gras) and good times. In Haiti during the Carnaval and Mardi-Gras, families, relatives and friends gather together to enjoy the festivities and this delectable casual desert made with bananas.

Haitian Beef Patties Recipe by ANTOINETTESMITH via @SparkPeople

Haitian Beef Patties

Easy, delicious and healthy Haitian Beef Patties recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Haitian Beef Patties.

Haitian Fritters Recipe

Haitian Fritters: Enjoy this special appetizer recipe. Don't eat too much of them as that fill you up pretty quickly.