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Indigenous Australia, Brian Cassey | Mírame y sé color

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Two children in Ramingining, an Aboriginal village in Arhem Land, Australia. Years after a government intervention, child malnutrition levels remain well below the country's national average.

Amazonian boy

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Sievers, Wolfgang, 1913-2007. Aboriginal mother and child (the black madonna), Methodist mission station at Weipa, Cape York, North Queensland, Australia, 1957 [picture]

The Black Madonna, 1957 Weipa Methodist Mission Station, Cape York, Queensland, Australia

4 year old Frank holds the family goat. Zambia, photo credit: Heifer International

4 year old Frank holds his goat, Zambia. That might be the entire wealth of his family.

Children from Vietnam

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Yanomamo girl . blue-headed parrot . Parima Tapirapeco National Park . Venezuela

Yanomamo girl with blue-headed parrot Parima Tapirapeco National Park, Venezuela photo: Art Wolfe

man in the Amazon, photo by Cristina Mittermeier. Indigenous peoples of the Amazon continue to be "endangered," by deforestation, oil development, mining, and encroachments from farmers. Supporting the Amazonian rainforest, needs to support its indigenous peoples too.

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The Shipibo are one of the many indigenous tribes in Peru who, throughout history, have recorded their songs (icaros) into elaborate embroidery - geometric designs that correlate directly with nature. And the songs of the Aborigines can be painted because they are actually maps of the landscape. -- Dreamwork with Toko-pa | (Image: ©Thomas Hoepker 1962)

(Peru) Shipibo Indian woman with face paintings in a village on the Ucayali river. The Shipibo community consists of about people. Presently, Shipibo people speak Spanish, along with their native language.

Africa is a large continent with 47 countries on it plus 6 island nations off the coast, namely Cape Verde, São Tomé, Madagascar, the Comoros, the Seychelles and Mauritius making the total to 53. All African countries are home to indigenous people. These people have a different lifestyle from the mainstream. They are semi-nomadic or nomadic people, hunter-gatherers as well as livestock pastoralists often living in isolated or inaccessible regions. They have distinct culture and language and…

10 Indigenous Peoples of Africa - The Dreadful Issues They Are Facing

A Tuareg girl, an indigenous, nomadic people of north Africa. I would like to see the rest of the hair to see the whole hair style.