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I would volunteer to wear a child leash if it meant that a shirtless Harry Styles would take ME on a walk.<< wow was that meant to be so sexual lol please tell me I'm not the only one that thought this.

My mom should be happy I love him and not some guy that doesn't do stuff like this

My mom should be happy I love him and not some guy that is a jerk I love Harry for who he is not just because he is handsome

For sure! The Africa pics of him are just incredible. He's so HAPPY!! You can see it in his eyes that he loves the kids. Fangirl mode activated.... I'm dead. It's just....augh! So precious!

I love these pictures! They're waayyy better than any pictures of him singing or shirtless. He just looks so happy. I love it :D>>>>>totally agree but shirtless pics are a close second 😏

liam payne cardboard cutout

Angry mum launches internet tirade against her 'lippy' teenage One Direction fan daughter. I have a old and I hear this and clap.

hahahahaha HARRY

One Direction Release Full This Is Us Movie Trailer, Announce New Single—Watch Now!

The boys at the gym!!! I love how we never see any pics of Lou working out i'm not even kidding we're made for each other we can just be like oh everyone's going to the gym let's hit up Nandos.

I work out Hey guys I recently updated a lot of my boards so if you would Check them out!

Do you hear me crying

Sanity Not Included by scottmcniceass. Someone probably should have stopped the five of them from living together in one house.


gif Harry Styles seriously tmht i want to hold on to those arms while he's fucking me until i can't feel my legs okay i'm so distressed right now i need an orange juice

BEAUTIFUL I swear he kills me

Harry Styles revealed a cool new skull tattoo on his arm on October and the ink confirms our suspicions that the tattoo-addicted singer would never let