THIS says 'Merry Christmas'??

Worst Vintage Christmas Cards Ever: The message here seems to be: Merry Christmas, hopefully you're not this guy.In the stocks, wishing you a Happy Christmas!

Bizarre and Creepy Vintage Christmas Cards

Worst Vintage X-mas Cards Ever: Remember, kids, inside that snowman you built is a freaky lady with a giant hat.

странные поздравительные открытки викторианской эпохи

странные поздравительные открытки викторианской эпохи

After the first Christmas card was sent in 1843, Victorians eagerly embraced the new tradition.

9 Bizarre Christmas Cards from the 1800s


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An example of one of the first Australian Christmas cards, collected by Bessie Rouse (via Sydney Living Museums)

It’s time one again for another round of wonderfully weird Victorian Christmas cards. This year Hyperallergic treats us to a large gallery of century holiday cards featuring all sorts of.

CHRISTMAS GREETINGS  small Pine-Cone person threatens senior with snowballs-24/12/1908-Great Britain

a small Pine-Cone person threatens a older Pinecone person (Santa / Krampus) with snowballs. and a naughty child?