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Speaking to youth about the dangers of underage drinking.

Underage Drinking: The 21 Year-Old Minimum Drinking Age Law Still Saving Lives in the U.

DIY Vodka Gummy Bears alcohol diy recipe recipes summer recipes party ideas diy food party favors diy party ideas

*instead of gummy bears use sourpatch watermelon with watermelon vodka* DIY Vodka Gummy Bears alcohol diy recipe recipes summer recipes party ideas diy food party favors diy party ideas

A 20-year-old woman was arrested after being kicked out of an Allentown strip club. The woman allegedly punched an officer after he helped get her off the ground. She has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, underage drinking, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

A woman was arrested outside an Allentown strip club after she slapped a police officer early Saturday, according to court records.Allentown police were dispatched at a.

An open letter from a mom to her son about the dangers of drinking...saving this for sure

An Open Letter To My Teenage Son About Drinking

The legal drinking age in this country is Please know that dad and I will never allow you to have alcohol in our house or in our presenc.

What Are The Benefits Of Vodka I (besides drinking...)

21 DIY household ideas for VODKA! OMG you can do more than just drink vodka I had no idea!

Health Alliance on Alcohol | Multimedia

Stopping teen alcohol use before it becomes a habit is vital because adolescent alcoholics have higher chances of becoming adults who are alcohol dependent, depressed, or anxious.

50 New Year Traditions From Around the World

50 New Year Traditions From Around the World

How to be rich in you 20s. Build wealth and save money this year.

How To Be Rich In Your 20s

Steak Bites! Easy to prepare and cook in minutes!

Steak Bites

Steak Bites ~ easy to prepare and cook in minutes! Would make this again, but I would reduce the amount of soy sauce cuz it was kinda salty and I halved the amount of worcestershire sauce.

Aiden maybe we can do something like this, but with cider instead. So your sister and you can eat it.

Champagne Jell-O Flutes

Champagne Jell-O Flutes -- take a champagne shot at midnight this year.

Boones Farm Strawberry Hill Wine...this was the best cheap wine, in the day. Lots of laughs with this

Boone's farm strawberry hill wine Good ole days in high school. That and Annie Green Springs.

Some Kansas dairy farmers are on the brink of bankruptcy because of high feed costs, drought, and high fuel prices.  Due to these high production costs and drought, dairy farmers lost 24 cents on every gallon of milk sold in May and June across the US.

OMAHA, Nebraska — The Omaha-based Better Business Bureau is warning people about suspicious phone calls regarding medical alert devices.