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Death to belibers

Get a laugh: Death to belibers

Top Seven Worst Website names.

19 mind blowing tumblr posts. && 19 surprisingly awesome posts..

This thief is going to be so confused! After he realizes he has no laptops, he's going to wonder why she was carting a dead dog around in a suitcase.

Oh my goodness! :D

The Hunger James? The Hungry Gays?

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Great story idea!

"But why is the guy wearing a hoodie?" This guy asks the real questions.

Unfair grade…

Funny pictures about Unfair grade. Oh, and cool pics about Unfair grade. Also, Unfair grade.

jumping to conclusions

The Pun to End all Puns.seriously people, this thing wins the internet, everyone just.go home Favorite pun

I don't have awkward moments. I have an awkward like, occasionally interrupted by normalcy. Robert Pattinson

Ew to Robert Pattinson, but this quote is so me and my own life.

Krispy Kreme doing marketing right.

Life philosophy according to Krispy Kreme. Awesome ad campaign, and excellent advice about everything in life.the key is balance, moderation, self-control, and common sense. The reality is that everyone just needs and deserves donut once in a while!

How to install a southern home security system. Wish they wouldn't use pit bulls in the note (breed discrimination), but good idea overall.

Funny pictures about Southern Security System. Oh, and cool pics about Southern Security System. Also, Southern Security System photos.


good thing Adriana didn't see this- she would die!

Most accurate description

Most accurate description

Most accurate description - FunSubstance

Parents and Parrots - Thought this was funny


Funny pictures about That really awkward moment. Oh, and cool pics about That really awkward moment. Also, That really awkward moment.

Unfriendable - Public Displays of Fail (from Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Answers)

Studying is a contraction of students dying. Truer word never spoken.