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Don't know that anyone actually finds my complexity appealing, but okay...

optimistic essay INFJ males "appear different" and "may be appealing to some" how .

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I love the idea. (But I admit it's too self-praising)

INFJism: There he goes, One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. (But I admit it's too self-praising)

MBTI: each type as students...

MBTI - students - INFJ seems accurate, but I find I respect the teacher, but sometimes question them

All you need to know about us.

INTJ well this explains why his lack of any effort in being house proud turns me off so much.

Where they once had patience, they will now be blatantly intolerant. INFJ Doorslam - Accurate

The Four Distinct Stages Of The INFJ Door Slam

Where they once had patience, they will now be blatantly intolerant.

Loving an #INFJ woman...

Loving an #INFJ woman...

INFJ personality - I got this today! Sounds dead on lol!

INFJ personality - sounds right except the money bit. although it does disappear fast despite good budgeting

This sums up how to deal with me in a nutshell. Most people who know me well enough do this stuff without any questions....,others as less helpful

INFJ and stress- super guilty.which is why we'd rather tolerate as much as possible. That's exactly it. When asked this question, I have no answers. But I'm adding this to my repitoire