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Glee, Rocky Horror Picture Show! "Creature of the night!"

Glee, Rocky Horror Picture Show! "Creature of the night!

This was hilarious!!!!!  Blaine oblivious to Tina so obviously singing to him. (Season 5, Sadie Hawkins dance)

Glee - Blaine oblivious to Tina

Glee, hate his pic Marley will never live up to Rachel Berry

Are Glee’s season 4 newbies just carbon copies of our favorite McKinley graduates?

Glee #Exactly

Glee #Exactly

Hated Quinn's attitude in this episode so much. I don't understand how someone can say anything like that to another human being

This moment created the best, original song Glee ever did!

i believe out of all the characters, rachel's dads have changed the most. #glee

Lol Glee ya thought you could get away with it

Glee, Sue and Mercedes. Hands down my favorite show!!!

Glee, Sue and Mercedes. Hands down my favorite show! ~ From '' Glee (is the strength of the whole world) '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

And that's why she thought she was pregnant.

My absolute favorite glee moment EVER

Glee - kind of went off and on with liking this show, but in the end, the music always brought me back. Not sure if I'll continue to watch without Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, etc...

Glee Movie Spoilers

Pop culture meets post modernism and show choir. pretty culturally interesting and you can sing along. favorite tv show of all time :)

#Glee 6x03 "Jagged Little Tapestry"

Glee Season 6 Episode 3 Jagged Little Tapestry

"Você não pode mudar o seu passado, mas você pode deixar ir, e começar seu futuro."

Photo by gleeismalifee

How this should end :/ never happend again #ripcorymonteith

5 years since the glee’s pilot aired

One of the best episodes

This is Hysterical- Glee body switch.

Not only can the girl dance like a beast, but she's hilarious too...there are some mistakes in here, though.

I don't watch Glee that often, but when i do, Brittany's my fav ^_^


Silly glee faces :D :p

glee cast before....love that Emma's hair used to be long and curly, like mine!!!  There's hope!!! :)

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