Leico<< I'm guessing someone just skipped first, second, and thrid base and went straight for a home run.

i just don't get why every one ship's Nico and Leo cuz Leo is with Calypso-Caleo-and Nico likes Percy and then in BoO he likes somewone else (spoiler)

Piper and Annabeth This is me and my best friend  We just love disney!

I'm one third Hades kid, one third Athena kid, and one third Apollo kid <----One of the best pranks yet, guys!

Love the concept expect for the Leico. It should be that Nico is doing the summoning because he owes Leo some sort of favor.

I don't know who I ship with Leo or Nico I kinda ship nico and will or Percy even though I ship percabeth but what about Leo!