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This is a super cute picture of the bride and groom. Outdoors in/around trees. Love it! Wedding photography.

Rosie Hardy: Advice to the Bride Groom: Getting the Best Wedding Photos. If you care about the end result of your wedding, you'll listen to every single one of these tips. Love this photo


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Place Winning Image from Alex Tan, an Award-Winning Wedding Photographer in the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

I hope the weather is decent because I like a lot of outdoor shots.    wedding photography poses - Bing Images

group photography ideas: 20 creative wedding poses for bridal party. Especially love this picture with everyone looking down in a circle.


Lea Michele Shows Glee Gals Dressed as Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids bridesmaids movie theme for a wedding picture. But if you look on the side of the girls on the bottom you can see that its not all covered,so its either a green screen or wallpaper!

Bestフォト|フォトウェディング|バリ島撮影会社 BLESS(ブレス)

Bestフォト|フォトウェディング|バリ島撮影会社 BLESS(ブレス)