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And once she finally learned to love herself, the feelings for the boy had gone and she was left to wonder had she won or lost?

But you can't have an unfinished story. Though she forgot room to love herself the boy loved her plenty to share. And he helped the girl love herself again, always saying how perfect she was. They loved each other, Never letting the other fall.

~the unintended muse~

"She's the pieces of quotes that are splattered in ink in her favorite books" -Alexa Evangelista Living in a dream

Well if this isn't the truth...

Exactly how I feel. Well I just opened up. Got ignored, pushed to the side, and you trampled on my dream butterflies. Thanks a lot people


And suddenly, you are home// Cannot choose a better quote to explain my life right now!

Has always been my biggest want in life...she’s out there. I just know it!☺️☺️ jL

I don't need someone to save me.but i do need someone to be there. This couldn't be more perfect. I don't need someone to save me, I just sometimes need someone to be there while I save myself.


Mad, Feelings

Quote from a guys point of view of a beautifully sad girl.

Violets are blue and so are you. This poem can be read and perceived in so many ways. and each way is beautiful. Sad but beautiful