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I am every bit as big, fluffy, and easy-going as a ragdoll. Built for affection, I’ll even go limp when you pick me up – which I’ll let you do even if you’re a total stranger.


Do you have any pets? I have 4 males and 2 females and 4 tiny kittens

♔ Chaton

Sweet baby - looks just like our sweet baby "Kitty" when she was a kitten :-) (Himalayan Persian)

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so pretty. Himalayan cat - Himalayan cats are the result of crossbreeding Siamese with Persian cats

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Cats are the world's most adorable and cutest pet alive on earth. Everyone can't resist playing and having fun with these adorable kittens. Research has shown that cats can be very healing for us.

What the hell are ya doin' up there?!

What the hell are ya doin' up there?!

просто и со вкусом

просто и со вкусом


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