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Ooh, an orange kitten.just what Wyatt wants for his birthday this year. At first he said he wanted a "blue" kitty, but I told him I think they're out of stock lol.second choice was "orange".

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It's never too early to feed the cat.

never too early to feed the cat! seriously this is my cat at 3 in the morning all the time!

Look at this face.. I can't get over how cute this kitty is!!!

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I believe this cat is known as a Scottish Fold, so named for its folded down ears.

I like the idea of using a mailbox as a cat perch in the garden.

13 Cats That Have Been Going Through Your Mail

Awww how cute! I wouldn't mind finding this in my mailbox! A much better surprise than the bills & junk mail that tends to show up in mine!


What my baby kitty looked like when she came to my doorstep