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Kaylyn loves american girl,making people laugh,and reading. She's kind and considerate. Please please please adopt.

Admittedly, still obsessed with how gorgeous this movie is. And I'll never stop loving it. << Yeah, pretty much << agreed


disney my stuff frozen I missed making gifs Disneyedit elsa queen elsa frozenedit snow queen of my heart even if im neglecting hw LMAO frick this life it was not possible to sync them lmfao

Okay, (your own pin)whats your favorite color? Write 3 sentences or more about why its your favorite. You may also do one sentence on your least favorite. *BONUS* (NOT REQUIRED) what are you hoping to do in art, comment below if you want to. This assignment is due next Tuesday.

Rapunzel prettiest disney princess i think,,, oh wait its jasmine oh no belle ,merida? Nevermind i cant choose they are all so pretty but merida my favorite!

Day 29: favorite moment. As if I haven't pinned enough tangled stuff already, the floating lanterns scene❤️

31 Day Disney Challenge Day What moment would you want to experience for yourself - The floating lantern scene in Tangled!