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I love this so much, especially since I understand the quote.

That eye difference.

Rapunzel as Queen Clarion, Jack Frost as Lord Milori, Anna as Tinkerbell and Elsa as Periwinkle<<<YES! <<< I would like this so much better if I shipped Jackunzel, but I ship Jelsa. Still fabulous, tho.

Jack's a vampire XD its confirmed

I wanna marry Jack Frost. ROTG beats Twilight by a landslide! I do like how the cartoonist tied in that Twilight reference tho.

Jackunzel: Nieve- Hogwarts AU

Jackunzel Anniversary MEP ● Why Don't You Love Me? Add that to the amazing editing, and it's video perfection!


Comic: Rapunzel saves Jack but man, wasn't the water fucking freezing