Outstanding Collection of Digital Illustrations by Fernanda Suarez_11 @ GenCept…

Digital Art by Fernanda Suarez

Paintable.cc | 50 Stunning Digital Painting Portraits: Carlos Alberto #digitalpainting #portrait #inspiration

50 Breathtaking Digital Painting Portraits

Digital Painting Tutorial: How to Paint ANY Haircut in Under 5 Minutes // via www.paintable.cc

Digital Painting Technique: The 5-Minute 'Haircut Hack'

In this digital painting tutorial, we show you a super useful, super easy technique for painting perfect hairstyles in just 5 minutes.

#Artist of the day: Marta G. Villena. Lovethe subtle tones in this #portrait #art >

"Daenerys" - Marta G. Villein {figurative art beautiful blonde female head close-up young woman face portrait digital painting}

Zarina's step mother Katrina

Honor by mckadesinsanity* Lovely depiction of flesh. cannot see a brush stroke therein. Perhaps, air-brushed ~ impossibly perfect.