/ Фото #2 - landscape(pejzaz) - sabka / Фото #2 - landscape(pejzaz) - sabka

схемы вышивки крестом мельница - Google Search

схемы вышивки крестом мельница - Google Search


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i want this.  finally cross stitch that isn't covered in flowers and cats!

2 Patterns - Ten Dollars USD - Satsuma Street Modern cross stitch pattern PDFs

Modern cross stitch city patterns via Satsuma Street on etsy. Idea for showcasing cross stitch without paying for expensive frames.

Many people consider cross-stitching to be something their grandma would do, but Eva Krbdk, a tattoo artist based in Ankara, Turkey, seems to think otherwise. Her cross-stitch tattoo designs look like a cross between pixel art and the popular folk art they're named for.

Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk

cross-stitch tattoos By Eva-Krbdk, Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk, Embroidered Tattoos, The most impressive is that it does not require black lines to make the images stand out.