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To the core: After doing his carvings Artist Dimitri Tsykalov waits until the fruit or vegetables have rotted and then photographs his creations

The cabbage patch skull: Artist turns heads with his horrific vegetable sculptures

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Fruit Carving - Vegetable Carving - Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Wedding Watermelon "Gipsy Violin"

Crazy funny for your luau centerpiece. Set it next to your chocolate fountain and serve fresh pineapple chunks for dipping!

Cormorant and Fishing Boat	  Artist: Jimmy Zhang    Jimmy Zhang, a graduate of the Culinary Arts Institute in China, has always been fascinated by the ancient art of fruit and vegetable carving. He got the idea for this masterfully carved melon from a photo of a lonely boat with a cormorant standing on the bow. Want to learn Jimmy's skill? Check out his classes at Art Chef Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Cormorant and Fishing Boat Who-Jimmy Zhang, What- Cormorant and Fishing Boat, Where-San Francisco, Why- Fascinated by fruit and vegetable carvings, How-Idea from a picture he saw.

Food art! #food_art #food art. Eiffel tower carved from a watermelon.

Creative arts is the term used to describe different types of art. These photos of stunning carved watermelon exemplify that fact.