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Nathan Fillion, a man who has no right to be so handsome and so nice and so funny.  There must be flaws, but the only ones I've spotted seem endearing.

I am enjoying the Nathan Fillion 'hey girls' much more than the Ryan Goslings. But then, I'm a bigger fan of Cap'n Tightpants, and half of the FIllion memes are Firefly jokes anyway. Double win :) ---I like both TBH

Nathan Fillion Goes Shirtless on Parade Magazine Cover

“I still buy actual books,” he says, holding up a worn paperback of Jaws and bringing it to his face with a deep inhale. “The smell, having it in your hands—there’s really no substitute. I love Nathan Fillion- CASTLE

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Nathan Fillion plays the god Hermes in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Nathan Fillion was born in Alberta.

Nathan Fillion - March 2011 - photo by Peter Ash Lee

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Nathan Fillion

If you saw Nathan Fillion walking down the street, you would think, 'Well there goes one handsome man!

Science... It's all just shiny toys, white clothing and sweet goggles

Two of my favorite things, Neil Patrick Harris and science together (plus a reference to an awesome musical)

Firefly' 10-Year Reunion at ComicCon!

Overheard at Comic-Con Nathan Fillion "If I can get through this without crying, it'll look a lot cooler." -- Nathan Fillion at the "Firefly" anniversary panel

Nathan Fillion! Such a beautiful man.

Nathan Fillion being a geek is even more awesome than Nathan not being a geek. Wait, How can Nathan not be a geek?

Nathan Fillion (AFTERELTON's 2012 Hot 100 Men)

Nathan Fillion Castle may be his biggest hit, but we can’t shake the fond memory of Mr. Fillion from our beloved Firefly.

So sexy captain reynalds

Nathan Fillion as Malcomb Reynolds from tv series 'Firefly', 'Castle' and movie 'Serenity'

Nathan Fillion as 'Hermes' in "Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters", (2013) fave god

Nathan Fillion as 'Hermes' in "Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters", fave god