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Little dance things

Little Dance Things Yes! One mom just goes out to subway and brings back like twenty sandwiches for everyone.

Thanks-To-Dance: I've worn enough makeup to last a lifetime.

I also have enough makeup to last the normal person twenty years, but i have to use it almost every weekend.

Scottish dance doesn't really use the barre, but when I'm trying out a new move and this happens, I feel so awesome

ゝ。When your teacher walks by you at the barre and simply nods in approval and you feel on top of the world


Like nobody is watching! This should be my motto. I can dance to any type of music.

ALL the time!

literally me, i can remember choreography for days but school? // Especially a marching band show from 6 years ago, twisting and turning and throwing flags back and forth across the field.

And there's ALWAYS major creepers at the gas station.

Or worse, sweats and legwarmers. Either that or it's after a dance comp and you're in full Make up and then ou get weird looks cause you're so young