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Surfer of Rip Curl team surfs over the bono (natural phenomenon of rolling big waves on the river, happens before sea tidal) in Kuala Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia. According to locals, these waves reach meters height and is challenging for surfing.

Vagues côtières

I don't know anything about this photo other than it is beautiful. I love the pattern the waves create.

F&O Fabforgottennobility

In a big wave wipeout, a breaking wave can push surfers down 20 to 50 feet m to m) below the surface area. Surfers may have less than

W A X Magazine

The Stormrider Surf Guide: Indonesia and the Indian Ocean by Bruce Sutherland


「7つの幽霊」インドネシアで発見された異形の波 The Seven Ghosts

The perfect waves, Indonesia. By Ripcurl.

Dolphins "surfing" in San Diego

Funny pictures about A dolphin wave. Oh, and cool pics about A dolphin wave. Also, A dolphin wave photos.


Surf lines at Scorpion Bay, San Juanico (Baja, California, 600 miles south of San Diego). The sandy beaches extend for more than 20 miles, south to Punta San Gregorio. Waves here frequently provide fine surfing opportunities.

Rip curl searchers chase mesmerizing waves on the Seven Ghosts tidal bore, deep in the heart of the Indonesian jungle

Tidal bore on the Kampar River in Sumatra. Longest ride recorded at 1 hour.

Surf's up

Jesus loves Beer presents surfer's favorite Woll Beer @ the BH Bordeaux

Great photo of a dolphin surfing with surfer. This is a fave pic of a dolphin jumping from a wave in the surf break with a surfer.

Maintaining cabinets of curiosities evolved during the Renaissance-Baroque period. In these collectors’ rooms precious artworks (artificialia), rare phenomena of nature (naturalia), scientific instruments (scientifica), objects from strange worlds (exotica), and inexplicable items (mirabilia) were preserved. They reflected the standard of knowledge and view of the world at that time.

The Wunderkammer Olbricht, curated by Georg Laue, Me Collectors Room, Berlin, Cabinets of curiosities evolved during Renaissance and Baroque. In these collectors’ rooms precious artworks.

Mud Pools - organic textures & circular pattern inspiration; nature's artwork

Theo Schoon - Geothermal Study No. Decontextualising geothermal mud pools from their surroundings, Schoon is able to draw an abstract beauty and symmetry out of unique but natural phenomena found in Rotorua, New Zealand.