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Head of a girl, c.1483, metalpoint -   Leonardo da Vinci

Head of a girl Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Completion Date: Place of Creation: Milan, Italy Style: Early Renaissance Genre: sketch Technique: metalpoint Material: paper Dimensions: x cm Gallery: Biblioteca Reale, Turin, Italy Tags: female-portraits

Salvator Mundi - Leonardo da Vinci, 1500

Lost painting by Da Vinci ? Leonardo da Vinci Salvator Mundi, c. 1500 Oil on walnut panel, 25 X 17 inches. There are a grand total of 14 oil paintings in the world known to have.

Leonardo Da Vinci è un genio. Lui è  pittore, scultore, architetto, musicista, matematico, ingegnere, inventore e scrittore. Leonardo è da Firenze.

by Cariani (Venetian, - 1547 or after), Portrait of a Man with a Dog c. 1520 oil on canvas, not L. Da Vinci Self portrait

LEONARDO DA VINCI (ITALIAN, 1452–1519) - HEAD AND SHOULDERS OF A WOMAN (LA SCAPIGLIATA) CA. 1500–1505 Dibujo de Leonardo, un artista que dejaba inconclusas muchas de sus obras preparatorias (Galleria Nazionale di Parma)  Ver más en: http://www.20minutos.es/fotos/artes/grandes-pinturas-inacabadas-11982/?imagen=2#xtor=AD-15&xts=467263    Leonardo+da+Vinci+(Italian,+1452–1519)+-+Head+and+Shoulders+of+a+Woman+(La+Scapigliata)+ca.+1500–1505

Head of a Tousled Young Woman, Oil by Leonardo Da Vinci (Fine Art Framed Giclee Leonardo Da Vinci)

Leonardo da Vinci portrait. Renaissance artists are some of the most interesting artists, not only because of the detail they add to their work, but also because of the research and time they spent learning about the things they depict.

Many are known about Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, yet many things still await to be discovered. Widely considered an archetipe of the “Re.