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Cats in Art, Illustration and Textiles:Cat Is The New Black - it's a TEA TOWEL!

Cat is the new black tea towel ~ ~ Artist: Mad Old Cat Lady ~ I have the perfect place for this on one of my inspiration boards!

World domination for cats

I knew it! Cat reading book titled WORLD DOMINATION FOR CATS © tobefonseca (Artist, Brazil) via shirtwoot (Tee-Shirt Site).Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

A cat as black As blackest coal Is out upon His midnight stroll, His steps are soft, His walk is slow, His eyes are gold, They flash and glow. And so I run And so I duck, I do not need His black-cat luck. ~ Author Unknown

Here are a few fantastic pieces I've found with the puss-noir as main subject-matter. Check out more lovely and haunting black cat art at Deviant Art search, black cats.

All about cats :).

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

Black cats bring luck

Black cats bring luck, black cats rule, black cats rock, black cats bring good luck & Adopt a black cat, save black cats.


The Black cat resque organization Witch Handpainted Primitive Wood Sign Plaque