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Garry, Ib, and Mary (an rpg horror game named "IB")

Garry, Ib, and Mary, ugh this art style is so cool why is this still not an anime?

Ib | Ib, Garry, Mary

Fanart of the game Ib. I actually got over 100 bookmarks on Pixiv.and first time getting onto the Daily Rankings on Pixiv with this picture too~!


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Garry: Seeing all of these weird things is really starting to make my head spin. It's awful... Ib: Garry? Could you crouch down a bit? Garry: Is this good? Ib: That time when you patted my head, it was hurting really bad, but it got better when you did that. So I'll do the same for you.:

Ib - i dont know what they r talking about bc its in japanese, but it looks like garry got 90 extra roses bc ib cares him like that

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