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Fine motor skills need practice and learning numbers takes practice, so voila. I made some number lacing cards for my little guy.    You can download a PDF of these free 0-10 Lacing Cards from Google Drive here.    I printed ours on heavyweight cardstock...

Printable Lacing Cards: Numbers 0-10 (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational)

Counting busy bag printable

Counting Caterpillar Busy Bag (Printable Numbers 1-10)

Counting caterpillar with printable numbers cards is a great addition to any busy bag collection. This printable numbers set features number recognition as well as word reinforcement and color matching. Great for toddler fine motor skills too!

Number Puzzle - These puzzles can be printed below.  I like to print on card stock, laminate, and cut the strips with a paper cutter.  The template is for you to add pictures of your own from magazines, etc.

Inexpensive way to create math manipulatives. From Growing in Pre K - Math Center: Preschool printable activity sheets.

Read Big Dog, Little dog, and then measure each child to see how tall they are. Make a chart for display, and leave out the measuring tape for a few days!

"Look how tall I am": Measure each child (could use themed images instead of yarn)- afterwards put different tape measures in maths area to encourage kids to measure things around classroom.


Good idea- make sure students punch over a tray or cookie sheet, because it can get messy! Make a number book.

For kids who like cars, trains, etc. You can use the parking lot lines for adding or subtracting or estimating or comparing numbers of different vehicles that will fit in the parking lines (like on a ferry). Older kids could design their own parking lot with tape in a given area to see how many car spaces can fit in their lot.  If you change the design, does it change the number of spaces that fit, remembering to leave room for the cars to drive out of the lot?

Does your kid love toy cars? Use this math game to get them to learning math with their favorite toys! Material: painter's tape, sharpie (marker), and lots of toy cars via What Do We Do All Day

Nice Number Cards

Early Maths with The 3 Bears. Fun Counting and Grouping Activity

DIY Number Cards from Dot Stickers. we did a modified version, where i gave K a small card with a number on it. she put the appropriate number of smily face stickers on the card to match. she loved it and has done this activity more than once at 3