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gorgeous. orchard oriole nest

Summer 2012: Orchard Oriole Nest

Song Thrush eggs and abandoned nest

Song Thrush eggs and abandoned nest

Junco nest--I have seen a few, but only one with eggs. Usually the juncos are not around my house in the spring and summer.

Junco nest I love the blue, the nest, eggs as symbols of the self ready to emerge through exploration (and coaching!


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Home sweet nest

Birds are capable of grand engineering feats; just look at the variety of their nests. But are they engineers?

Μη βάζεις όλα τα αυγά σ' ένα καλάθι.  Μην μετράς τις κότες σου προτού βγουν από τ' αβγό.

Teal Bird Eggs Nest Pine Tree/(Any kind) ATTRACTS: Downy Woodpeckers. Plant with Snowberries (Sambucus Spp) which attract Red Headed Woodpeckers.