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Sean, «lhomme qui danse», a été retrouvé sur Twitter et aura droit à une fête gigantesque

Body-Shamed Dancing Man Finally Gets His Hollywood Party

Some Orphan Train children were not so fortunate, and their lives became more miserable as they found themselves in homes where they were used chiefly for slave labor. In 1927, Nebraska and Kansas still allowed indenture of children.

READ-Orphan Train History - these children truly were victims.lost parents, heritage, sold to the highest bidder across the states.

The moment George W. Bush was notified of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

September 2001 — During a reading of "The Pet Goat" at Sarasota's Emma E. Booker Elementary School, Chief of Staff Andrew Card informs President George Bush that a second airplane has struck the Twin Towers at New York's World Trade Center.

A tribute and homage to Simon Wiesenthal, Who Helped Hunt Nazis After War, Dies at 96

A tribute and homage to Simon Wiesenthal, KBE December 1908 – 20 September who was a Jewish-Austrian Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter.

Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder 1948  Laura Ingalls is in the family of Edward Rice of  Pomfreit, Con and Charity Rice *Derby:  3rd Ggrandmother

Almanzo and Laura Ingalls Wilder- Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder (Feb 1867 – Feb was an American author who wrote the Little House series of books based on her childhood in a pioneer family.


Sure, we Yanks don't know much about Queens or royals or jubilees or crisps, lorries, extra letter "U"s, or rhyme slang. View Silly Pictures of the Queen" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

"As you go to your eternal repose, I am sure there is a great stirring in heaven as the soul of the millions murdered during the Nazi Holocaust get ready to welcome Simon Wiesenthal, the man who stood up for their honor and never let the world forget them." - Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

The amazing, inspirational, tenacious, iconic Simon Wiesenthal

I Have a Dream... a Pastel and Chalk Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.  by George Pedro

I Have a Dream. a Pastel and Chalk Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. by George Pedro

Sweet picture of Helen Keller

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, heard, or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller Today, would have been Helen Keller's birthday.

the night witches : during wwII young russian women in their teens & early twenties piloted plywood and canvas airplanes to fight back the german invaders. in 30,000 missions over 4 years, they dumped 23,000 tons of bombs. flying only in the dark, the night witches had no parachutes, guns, radios or radar, only maps and compasses. if hit by tracer bullets, their planes would burn like sheets of paper. famous in their time, they are now largely forgotten.

Nadezhda Popova, was a World War II Night Witch who flew 852 missions over the invading German army. The Night Witches were young women volunteers who flew refitted crop-dusters with no parachutes, guns, radios, or radar.

It an old photo the #legendaryUSBandit ,  Mrs. #MaBarker with her Thompson Sub Machine Gun.

Ma Barker and her Thompson gun in an undated picture of the legendary matriarch. She was the mother of several criminals who ran the Barker gang from "the public enemy" era.