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An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy!

Easy Ways to Save Energy

Belkin Conserve Socket that turns off after 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours of use. Belkin Conserve Valet automatically turns off once your device has been charged.

Shoe caddie to hold water bottles or mugs

Avoid the pile up of water bottles, coffee travel mugs, and lids in your cabinets by storing them in a hanging shoe organizer! I like this idea if it were inside a pantry cabinet door to keep dust off the travel mugs and water bottles.

Your garage can provide valuable storage, but only if you know how to make the most of the space you have. Use these smart ideas to organize your garage.

15 Ideas to Organize Your Garage

15 Fun Easy DIY Craft Ideas For Your Home

DIY Food Package Wall Organizer DIY Food Package Wall Organizer I was teaching this craft to my grandkids when they were small -- that was in the early !

Mix together 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of cream of tartar in a glass or plastic sealable container. Stir until mixed. Measure about a quarter cup of the mixed powder and pour into your clogged drain. Pour two cups of boiling water into the drain, and let stand for about an hour, then run fresh water from the tap.

How to unclog a sink drain without harsh chemicals: cup baking soda, cup vinegar, Let it bubble 15 minutes and chase it with a pan of boiling water. Light plunging needed on tough clogs. One pinner claims it "cleared a tough clog in 20 minutes.

What do you say about this "Lazy Susan" shoe caddy?  I say YES PLEASE!

Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet! Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet! Shoe Lazy Susan - I need this for my closet!

Lijkt ideaal voor in ons waskot, met de strijkplank in de deur!

close up play room closet behind, utility room. open it like this to make laundry closet at the back door. Enclose the water heater. use space where w/d are now at right of door as a little built in seat for bags & coat hooks over it.

En Pratik Vişne Çekirdeği Ayıklama Yöntemi | Kevser'in Mutfağı - Yemek Tarifleri

En Pratik Vişne Çekirdeği Ayıklama Yöntemi | Kevser'in Mutfağı - Yemek Tarifleri

Grate idea du jour   Repurpose old graters as holders for pens, pencils, kitchen utensils, etc

cheese DIY : Cheese grater pencil holder This would be great with magnets on it to hold pencils on the frige or paintbrushes for the kids outdoor art area

9. Divide and Conquer.   The power of separation is a great tool for keeping drawers uncluttered.  Make yours just as organized with cleverly placed dividers or pegs.

20 Smart Ways To Magically Maximize Small Kitchen!

Keep plates in their place with pegboard. Make a pegboard base for a large drawer to organize dishes, pots, lids, etc.

mobili su misura per mansarda

I absolutely love this set up and storage Family bonus room with slanted ceiling. Custom built ins and daybed create a great place to hang out with the kids and comfortable space for an overnight guest.