I love the way Logan comes through for Rory in this episode I love when Logan pulls out the food for their date "When you're on!" -Rory

Logan: Are these proofed? Rory: Yeah but they're not typed in yet. Logan: I'll do that. I type 90 words a minute. Rory: You do? Logan: You really did only like me for my looks, huh?

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Michel Miss Patty Emily Richard Snookie Luke Lane Lorelai & Rory

Rory should have ended up with Jess!  He was a jerk after the beginning of their relationship, but he loved her, he pined for her, he grew up in season 6!  He liked everything she liked and he was just... cool.  She was crazy.  In my head after she is done with that job she takes, she ends up with Jess... make a movie people!

This scene hurts my heart! Gilmore Girls - Rory and Jess should have ended up together!

“Pretty picture”

Rory's first dance at Chilton episode. All three Gilmore women together in Stars Hollow.