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Scott E. Detweiler Conceptual Photography art photoshop photo editing black and white b&w idea inspiration terrifying

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Arianrhod (Celtic) is said to be able to shape shift into a large Owl, and through the great Owl eyes, sees even into the darkness of the human subconscious and soul. The Owl symbolizes death and.

Horns! I know this isn't really cosplay, but I just love it

Paige: We are considering creating a new character and lore; the character resembling Lucifer; so we want them to have horns.


Cobra headdress made of hair! Stylist: Stephane Scotto Di Cesare of Paris. Photog: Gaetan Lecire We saw the snapshot. There are no photo tricks. Stephane really did craft this amazing cobra headdress as it appears in this photo.

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The banquet? could be made up of women dancing,wearing fruits & flowers ect. The spirits are the banquet as opposed to the spirits bringing a banquet.

me as brunette warrior

Armour Reference / Roman helmet / headdress / women's fashion / post apocalyptic inspiration / braided hair / SO FIERCE :D


Photographer: Den Kara Concept: Den Kara and Natalia Clima Makeup: Natalia Clima Model: Mischa Arnaut Retoucher: Arina Princess

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DIY Harry Potter Wands in an Hour this is so cool. :) I plan on making these soon! They will be awesome!