List with gifs: "40 Things Every INFJ Wants You To Know " THE MOST ACCURATE thing I've ever read about myself!

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INFJs can sense your true intentions.

INFJ here calling bs. Sure there is much of this but an INFJ definitely can be fooled, taken advantage of and misused because we give the benefit of the doubt, we forgive, we excuse.

Even humans with the worst track records have redeeming qualities, and yes, I do believe that even serial killers have their story, but let me remind you that human beings and human beings alone are the reason why I haven’t turned on the news in years, or read my daily newspaper. With social intolerance, rapes, murders, materialism, politics and propaganda flooding the news like I’m too naive to read between the lines, it was best that I stepped away from all, for the sake of my sensitivity.

INFJ - for realzies. if only you knew how many times I've recently asked for "New Earth" <-- and that comment, hahahah

All of this is completely me

Sometimes I wonder if it's a blessing or a curse to have been given such an odd personality.

5 Ways to Annoy an INFJ

5 Ways to Annoy An INFJ

Today we’re going to talk about what rattles the enigmatic INFJ personality type. INFJs are referred to by psychologist David …

INFJ: Introvert iNtuituve Feeling Judging

INFJ: Introvert iNtuituve Feeling Judging -- Best explanation of the emotional processing I experience that I've ever read.

Best INFJ self-description I have read so far (blog

Best INFJ self-description I have read so far This one is seriously spot on.

Way too true....and kinda fitting in everyone but really fitting in nowhere is what I've been calling, "blending out" for years.

I only hate conflict that directly involves me - don't at all mind helping others with theirs .


Infj problems- yes especially because what i say never fully expresses what i feel. Oh and when i say something and the person doesn't respond i go into a state of anxiety- like was it something i said, did i offend them, did they even hear me?

Being that I'm a hairdresser, it's the other way around for me. I get told all the time that I'm the quietest hairdresser they've ever had.

INFJ - I dont know if this is true, considering I cant see my face when I talk. lol.

INFJ - I dont know if this is true, considering I cant see my face when I talk…