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My superpowers are reading people and surviving sociopaths. How about you?

It's so true. I hate myself for how I treat toxic people, bug I don't know hope to treat them differently.

Omg YES! Toxic people turn me into a person that I don't like.

Ah so true but somehow I did find that person

An INFJ's fear about love. I love this even more for the fact that Elizabeth Bennett is basically an INFJ

Yep, I can tell you everything that could ever happen, but can't tell you how to avoid those things.

This might explain my apocalypse board. Never ask an INFJ, 'What's the worst that can happen?' You see, we are 'worst-case-scenario' experts. And are typically anxious in preparing for the worst possible outcome.

INFJs can sense your true intentions.

INFJs can sense your true intentions. Conversation I had last night, I asked about 2 people in a situation & was only given an answer for means (to me), what I suspect is that person 2 is in fact part of the equation.

INFJ- I am polite and gracious if I don't know you, however if I don't care much for you, I will keep conversation to a minimum.

It's not really about care, it's about trust. If I trust you, I'll show you my inner mind—sarcastic and crude as it is.