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Giuseppe Arcimboldi attrib. Archduchess Magdalena of Austria, circa1563. Kunsthistorisches Museum

I love that Arcimboldo casually has normal portraiture in addition to his cray amazing stuff/ Erzherzogin Magdalena, Tochter des Ferdinand I. von Habsburg Österreich by Giuseppe Arcimboldi, 1563

1590ca. Mary (Kytson), Lady Darcy of Chiche later Lady Rivers, daughter of Elizabeth Cornwallis (Tate Britain)

1590 Mary Kytson, Lady Darcy Chiche later Lady Rivers daughter of Elizabeth Cornwallis by British school (Tate Gallery - London UK)

marguerite de valois reine de france kkn. (appears to be an actual, unflattering likeness, see cunda)

Marguerite de Valois, Reine de France ~ She was born Marguerite de Valois, the sixth child & third daughter of Henry II & the Catherine de' Medici.

Pieter de Kempener, also  Pedro Campana (1503-1586)  —  Portrait of Lady, 1527-1537  : Städel Museum, Frankfurt. Germany  (3485x4752)

1530 Peter de Kempeneer (previously attr. to Girolamo da Carpi) Portrait of a Woman Städel Museum, Frankfurt Germany [from Women in Ferrara, 1480 to 1540 - The Wardrobe]

Pathway to My Soul

) I walked onto the dance floor, hoping not to pop out too much in all my black and blue splendor. I look and meet his eyes. The eyes of my target. He goes to speak, but I am quicker, "I will gladly take this dance.

Margaret of Parma by Sir Anthonis Mor (Netherlandish, also known as Anthonis Mor van Dashorst and Antonio Moro, ca. 1517-1577), ca. 1555

Portrait of Margaret of Parma. By Anthonis Mor Margaret was the illegitimate daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Johanna Maria van der Gheynst. She was Duchess consort of Florence and a Duchess consort of Parma and Piacenza by marriage.



Or steampunk goth princess for the ren faire. 8th grade me would be in heaven.

Or steampunk goth princess for the ren faire. grade me would be in heaven.