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Jenson Ackles is one of those special people, like Jude Law, who looks attractive from every angle and probably couldn't look unattractive if he tried.

Jenson ackles...like the first name, wasn't he the original eric brady on days of our lives?

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester of Supernatural series is an American multi talented director and actor.

Definitely loving his lips!!!!!! Mmmm

Jensen ackles / jared padalecki supernatural transfer

Jensen Ackles, I remember him from DOOL as Sami's twin brother Eric. He has come a long way and what a hot guy

is it ok, to pin him on my I NEEEEEED board? I think YES!!!!

Jensen Ackles - Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director.

if you dont think this guy is good lookin, you need to get your eyeballs checked

I seriously don't know who is sexier, Jensen Ackles or his car on Supernatural. I want a ride in that damn car. «I wanna ride him in the car.

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