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Jenson Ackles is one of those special people, like Jude Law, who looks attractive from every angle and probably couldn't look unattractive if he tried.

I have watched this a million times & it just keeps getting sexier.

I swear on every thing that is holy. I can't stop watching it but I can't take it. Obviously it's a gif but holy. I can't. Just watch. And prepare to lose your heart forever.

Fake FBI badge...Only the Winchesters #Supernatural

Pinning a tonne of supernatural 'cos I'm working on a project for my Dean obsessed bestie's birthday.

You're insane if you think I'm not pining this! Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester Supernatural:

I have found Garrett Kincaid! He does look a bit like Dean Winchester who strangely enough looks like Jensen Ackles. I love my fictional town of Clear Water Texas and all the characters living there!

Lol yes

Idk why but "training for the ballet, Winchester?" Sounds like something Draco Malfoy would say before they kill him.