People also love these ideas
Lol This is how I honestly see Levi and Eren Because bdsm is totally part of the anime,right?  3dmbondage gear

Umbrella - Shingeki no Kyojin dat "I'm your father" tho

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Yeah you better be scared you bastard traitors. My Erens gonna kick your ass 'evil grin'<<<Titans vs Titans

Levi .....

Anime/manga: SNK Characters: Levi and Eren, LOL The Wings of Freedom is actually the title of the chapter to SNK no Regrets. I died when I read this, here a rep in to all ma friends who watch snk.

*MUFFLED LAughter*

*MUFFLED LAughter*^^^i love this fan art so much. I love how Bertolt is refusing to titan shift for Annie to beat Eren

*pop* OMG WTF. Everyone, please look up "Levi tissue boxes" if you have not seen them before. This is exactly it.

Levi & Bertholdt - Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

The Sun, The Moon, The Star, The Fool, Strength, The Hanged Man, The Empress, The Heirophant, The High Priestess, The Emperor, text, Attack on Titan characters;  Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan cards by Hong Kong resident winni-san >>> SNK / AOT elements

Attack on titan - well...time to cry in a corner....again

This is the first dead Marco thing that has made me cry.<---- Don't cry it's an Attack on Titan/Avatar crossover