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Slow things the signs hate

actually, im a libra, but i think i hate slow walkers more cuz i have a lot of tall friends so i walk quickly for my size. but slow talkers are super annoying when they volunteer to read out loud

I don't think I judge people as much as I judge myself,so I'd say they got this one wrong... ♋

thezodiacvibes: Read more about your Zodiac Squad<<I'm overly judgemental but I never voice it because it's unnecessary to make someone feel bad about my opinions

The signs as hell

Aries /️ Taurus Cusp , either Capricorn moon or many planets in Capricorn or strong influence of Capricorn

An addiction that each Zodiac sign is likely to have... Why was cancer omitted? WTH!

Video Games are my favorite past time. And the Gemini and Pisces I know fit really well into this too

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