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Mind Blowing!!!

That moment when you find out that the voice of Zazu from Disney's The Lion King is also Mr. Rowan Atkinson :O

Adventures Of A New MilWife: Top Ten Disney World Planning Sites

16 Things You Might Not Know About Monsters Inc *philosopher's stone * Boo to it being the last pixar movie with a blooper reel- they're as funny as the real movie!

woah Gretchen Weiners from #MeanGirls is Eliza Thornberry from #TheWildThornberrys

Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls is Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys my mind is blown

the magic school bus | Tumblr -- Seriously, the first time I saw this I died for a second.  I wonder if this was true, it makes sense... the kids from the Magic School bus cartoon drawn for the show Captain Planet... cartoons that grow with their audience?

Captain Planet kids are same as The Magic School Bus kids. OH MY GOSH! Zimanek this changes how i see the magic school bus!

Proof That Aladdin And Titanic Are Basically The Same Movie - LOL

Funny pictures about Aladdin vs. Oh, and cool pics about Aladdin vs. Also, Aladdin vs.

The Krusty Krab was a lobster trap. | 25 Childhood-Ruining Moments You Forgot About

Timon and Pumbaa watched Simba and Nala have sex. (And sang while they did.)

Funny pictures about The shocking truth about Krusty Krab. Oh, and cool pics about The shocking truth about Krusty Krab. Also, The shocking truth about Krusty Krab.

I could only see that in that's so raven. Not so much iCarly

I can see it for That's So Raven, but they probably didn't do that for iCarly. Though ICarly looks a bit like lab rats

My brain. When I first realized him as the voice I did ask myself if he did dress up as Aladdin in an episode. Guess I remembered right!

That crazy moment when you realize that the voice of Aladdin is dressed as Aladdin on an episode of Full House. The voice of Aladdin in the Disney Movie played Steve on Full House! Who knew?

Prepare to have your mind blown

Prepare to have your mind blown