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All The 'Step Brothers' Art You Could Ever Ask For

All The "Step Brothers" Art You Could Ever Ask For

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Dead Ringers (1988)

Directed by David Cronenberg. With Jeremy Irons, Geneviève Bujold, Heidi von Palleske, Barbara Gordon. Twin gynecologists take full advantage of the fact that nobody can tell them apart, until their relationship begins to deteriorate over a woman.

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Woody Allen has always included themes of death and dying in his work, but Interiors is his first take on the subject without the ability to take relief in the comedy genre. That’s not to say classics like Annie Hall or Manhattan don’t breach the .

Black Night (Nuit Noire): The long awaited feature length debut of talented filmaker Oliver Smolders. Black Night is mysterious, ghostly, technically impeccable, and continously bathed in magical, surrel light.

Eraserhead (1977)

Find more movies like Eraserhead to watch, Latest Eraserhead Trailer, Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

Blindness (2008) [Canada/Brazil/Japan]

Directed by Fernando Meirelles. With Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Gael García Bernal, Yûsuke Iseya. A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant white blindness.

Philip Ridley - The Reflecting Skin (1990) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Reflecting_Skin_(film) http://www.horrorview.com/movie-reviews/reflecting-skin-the http://www.soiledsinema.com/2011/03/reflecting-skin.html?zx=a713e25e89d638a6

The Reflecting Skin - by Phillip Ridley

persepolis A2-B1 (fiche pédagogique)

Persépolis : Une fiche complète de niveau A2-B1

Jurgen Vogel & Frederick Lau & Dennis Gansel-The Wave

Jurgen Vogel & Frederick Lau & Dennis Gansel-The Wave