we have birds who nest on top of our porch columns too....you gotta dodge them to get inside the house when they are nesting.

I had one on my front porch -- four sweet baby birds! By the time they were ready to leave the nest, one wondered how they fit in the nest!


“She was only half Bird now, and the other half song.” ― Katherine Catmull, Summer and Bird.

Nest of a Reed Bunting | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Nest of a Reed Bunting, Emberiza schoeniclus, in the area I have to control.

Hummingbird Nest..eggs are the size of tic tacs

Find a hummingbird nest with eggs in it. Checked off my list in February One started building a nest in my backyard!

Nesting robin

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so sweet! this looks to be a teeny nest.a hummer's nest? the nest itself doesn't look like the hummers in photos I've seen, but next to the tiny leaves, the nest looks SO tiny!