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Sad but true: TWD My daughter don't deserve to die like this... Jenner, Carol, Sophia

Is a bullet post zombification better than a quick and painless explosion?

Just a man and his crossbow

"Meet the Han Solo of the Zombie Apocalypse." {Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead}

TV series The Walking Dead lol humor funny pictures funny pics Andrew Lincoln

You go outside, you risk your life. You drink some water, you risk your life. You say you hate The Walking Dead, you risk your life!

Everyone with IIH will understand.  I don't, but I am close with those that do.

One Does Not Simply Prepare for Thorin Dying - Does not simply walk into mordor Boromir

One does not simply step on a lego and feel no pain. So true. Wretched legos. lol XD

one does not simply give a river otter pants - One Does Not Simply .


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