Love the idea of a small raised garden for the kids

Gardening Gift Ideas for Young Kids

My First Garden Planter and Accessories. Cute idea for kids to have their own 'mini' garden.

A nice kitchen garden here, bordered by a small fence, also note the fine bird houses in the fence posts as both grace and useful.

precious garden, fence, walkway and bird houses - absolutely charming. Would love this for an herb garden.

My next veggie garden

Lovely enclosed vegetable garden with raised beds. Note to self: Make walls taller if yard is not fenced in.

vegetable garden plans designs wooden fence garden paths patio garden ideas

Veggie Garden - Should You Start One? Fresh vegetables are more than a good reason to grow a garden, don't you think? Why start a veggie garden?

DIY Raised Garden Beds.- along the fence line and down the slope, this would be beautiful!

12 Raised Garden Bed Tutorials

Vegetable Garden so smart and artistic. Did ya notice that this raised bed is not more than two feet deep? That's very savy because of the limit one can bend over and interact with the farthest reaches of a raised bed.

Perfect fenced off garden.. Puppy proof :)

Vegetable garden fence made out of old Pallets. Rip the planks off, remove any nails then jigsaw the decorative tops/finials. I just LOVE picket fences!

PVC pipe with netting draped over for a nearly bug free garden. Frost row cover for extended season?

pvc pipe + hardware cloth to make raised garden beds cat/bird proof - also good design for rabbit tractor or chicken tractor

hillside vegetable garden planning Great way to plant a slope // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Great way to plant a slope // Great Gardens & Ideas //

A stunning vertical garden idea - something like this for a backyard veggie garden would be amazing!

DIY Garden fence ideas - Terra Garden Fence - Click Pic for 25+ Garden ...

DIY Garden fence ideas - Terra Garden Fence - Click Pic for 25 Garden Fencing Ideas . great to keep animals/kids out of the garden.

hillside vegetable garden | Raised bed garden. - Page 2 - Public House - Brews Brothers

15 Excellent DIY Backyard Decoration & Outside Redecorating Plans 9 Home Sweet Home Pots

Amazing Vegetable Garden by the foot! Apparently the best way to grow raised gardens. HautePNK DIY Vegetable Garden

HautePNK DIY Vegetable Garden-- Exactly the kind of details this non-green-thumb-girl needs to plant the garden of my daughter's dreams!