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Taiwanese artist Chien Chu Lee meticulously carves pencils into miniature sculptures boasting incredible detail. Inspired by everything around him, Lee’s subjects range from international architecture and pop culture icons to realistic hand figures expressing a variety of gestures. Each piece offers a remarkable display of patience, steadiness of hand, and overall craftsmanship at an awe-inspiringly small scale. One of the most impressive creations in the artist’s collection, though, is his…

Artist Meticulously Carves Pencils to Recreate the World Around Him

Taiwanese artist Chien Chu Lee meticulously carves pencils into miniature sculptures boasting incredible detail.

Heart, pencil-tip sculpture, by Dalton Ghetti, a 49-year-old carpenter from Connecticut, USA, using a razor blade, sewing needle, and sculpting knife. Plus, he doesn't even use a magnifying glass.

I just received an email about one amazing artist, Dalton Ghetti, who is a pencil lead sculptor. It truly is incredible to see these tiny sc.

Sculptures.  Pencil Lead.  by Diem-Chau

An Alphabet of Animals Carved from Crayons and Other Miniature Pencil Works by Diem Chau sculpture pencils miniature crayons animals alphabe.

Dalton Ghetti sculpted pencil lead

Artist Diem Chau creates incredible miniature animal sculptures by carving away at old carpenter pencils.