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Teenager Posts- Like seriously! Maybe a long time ago but now we have bank accounts!maybe not lunch money, but cash anyways!

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Dead ass tho, just trying to put my hair in a pony tail walking around the house holding my hair and I'm just like well fml


Oh my gosh YES every time! I've got two hands with tools and 5 cotton balls in my mouth, Dentist "So how's school?" Me "uh huh" Dentist "keep your mouth open please"

Lol right? I have to look up like half the words that are even in the definition I'm reading

this happened to me once and i ended up going through about 5 word definitions just to find the original definition.


Teenagerposts - YES and when I give you a mini glare as I passed it was because you were slow, it was nothing personal and does not reflect my regular personality at all (people walking in front of me is just a pet peeve)

i have and on images theres like no recent pictures of me. The most recent picture is a picture of me in 3d grade

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LOL I do this every time I get lost in Costco! **pulls out phone and frantically texts WHERE R U?!?!***

One time I was 5 and I actually got lost at Walmart my parents didnt even notice until I found them XD