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A little while ago I had a chance to participate in a mushroom hunting lesson.

The enchanting Chanterelle by Devon Winter.  In this article, the author gives precise instructions on how to identify and harvest these gourmet goodies.  The author also includes recipes for Chanterelle casserole, Chanterelle and wild rice soup, beef-less Chanterelle stroganoff, and even a Chanterelle salad.

The Chanterelle is an edible fungus of the genus Cantharellus. There are many Chanterelle species, but the most common and easy to identify are C. cibarius (the yellow Chanterelle) and C. formosus (the Pacific Golden Chanterelle).

photo by Chris Woods ॐ}*{ॐ

photo by Chris Woods

Mushroom specimens. Picking mushrooms in the wild.

Picking mushrooms in the wild.

Wild Mushrooms (Black Morel)

Captain Quinn comes across some delectable wild mushrooms-The Black Morel, while on his way to a fishing hole. What is a Black Morel? Let the Captain show you.

themagicfarawayttree:  Indigo Milky Mushroom

Lactarius indigo, commonly known as the indigo milk cap, the indigo (or blue) lactarius, or the blue milk mushroom, is a species of agaric fungus in the family Russulaceae.

Chicken and Swiss Extraordinaire - A yummy combination of chicken, bacon, onion, mushrooms and swiss cheese!

Chicken and Swiss Extraordinaire

They are so pretty.

They are so pretty.

Wild Mushroom Season: A Forager's Guide

This autumn, you can spice up your campfire fare -- and make your hikes more rewarding -- by foraging for mushrooms from local forests.