Clerodendrum thomsoniae |

Drops of red,Verbenaceae Clerodendrum thomsoniae - Glory-bower, or Bleeding Heart Vine

Oxalis versicolor Beautiful

Oxalis versicolor (Candycane sorrel) beautiful white, spiral flowers with a red margin. Flowering in April and growing to a height of just they make a stunning spring display in any garden.

Black Bleeding Heart Taken at Wildwood Metropark in Toledo, OH.

Dicentra Spectabilis Seeds ★ Jettus Black ★ Hardy Shade Perennial Seeds ★ I am sure this is photoshopped but I love it anyway and want some!

pink bleeding Grandmothers garden in Boston had these...along with a huge weeping willow tree ,lilies of the valley and lots oh dahlias...sweet memories

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my Grandmothers garden in Boston had these.along with a huge weeping willow tree ,lilies of the valley and lots oh dahlias.sweet memories SPRING is just around the corner!

Whats the name of this its beautiful - fuschia

Gorgeous Flowers Garden & Love — Fuchsia Flowers — these were always favorites of my grandmother

Lady of the Night orchid

tangledwing: “ Lady of the Night orchid (Brassavola nodosa). An epiphyte, a plant that needs a host plant, but is not parasitic. Though Ladies of the Night can also grow as lithophytes, growong on.

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Descubriendo las suculentas e imágenes para reconocerlas

Epiphyllum "Argus" (Orchid Cactus) Not truly an orchid, but I LOVE ephiphyllums (epiphilla?), so I'm pinning the photo to my "Orchids" board!

Double Fuschia

Fuchsias remind me of my Grammy. She had huge hanging baskets of them that draped her back porch. We'd sit out at night watching the fireflies dance about the fuschias, talking of fairies and Ireland.

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Morning Glories - never saw pink ones.wish I could find this variety.they'ed be planted in my yard by my porch!

Parrot flower of Thailand. Fleur perroquet de Thaïlande.

Amazing - This is a Parrot Flower native to Thailand. It is a protected species and resembles a parrot quite vividly. This flower can not be exported from the country so this is a rare opportunity to see such an amazing sight.

Unusual Flower by philipbouchard, via Flickr

Unusual Flower by Brazilian Candles (Pavonia x gledhilli). Photographed in the lowland tropical conservatory at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.