peacock feather tattoos.. Love the colour and design, maybe smaller and on my calf

the outer beauty of a peacock feather shows the inner beauty of a person wearing it as a tattoo. People with peacock feather tattoos are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and always optimistic about life.

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Engraved Peacock Feather Note: A little exotic and entirely luxurious, this hand engraved note features a shimmering peacock feather rendered in blues, golds, and green. A matching ecru envelope is lined in gold.

Small peacock feather tattoo on a foot.

Small peacock feather tattoo on a foot, im not sure about the actual tattoo but I want this placement

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peacock feather tattoos, watercolor tattoos, rib side tattoos – The Unique DIY Watercolor Tattoo which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY Watercolor Tattoo ideas on peacock feather tattoos, green tattoos to Personalize yourselves.

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I hate the infinity symbol as a tattoo because it's such a popular thing but I love the birds that make the symbol.